Our Ingredients

Cold off the Press has a mission to promote health and wellness. the root of our products comes down to the ingredients and their quality level. One can do a simple google search on the benefits of organic produce in comparison to conventional produce. Conventional produce is treated with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that not only compromise the taste, but they introduce harmful and carcinogenic substances into our bodies when ingested. 

As a company set out to offer the highest quality nutrition in the most bio-available form, we feel we would be doing an injustice to ourselves along with our customers by choosing the conventional route whenever organic is available. Yes, it may drive up the cost a bit for us and you, but in our eyes, it’s 100% worth it. the taste alone makes enough of a difference for us.

at Cold off the Press, we are not under the influence of a corporate scheme that would result in lost integrity for greater profit. that means that our bottles contain juice and nothing but the juice – nothing besides what is on the label. though there may be a time where we have to substitute one item for another like (ie spinach for green chard). In a juice such as the master green, you are getting upwards of 3 pounds worth of produce.

we are always looking to expand our resources for produce. If you happen to know a source that may be beneficial to us located in the triangle area, please help us connect! Call us (919-615-1773) or email (info@coldoffthepress.com) with any information.

we hope to serve you soon!