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Our Juice

Our cold-pressed organic juices are engineered to replenish you with vitamins, minerals, and living enzymes. Our juices are unpasteurized and raw and have a 5 day shelf life under refrigeration. For optimal nutrition, we recommend drinking your juice within 24 hours after opening. In addition to our storefront & stockists, we personally deliver throughout the triangle and ship across much of the southeast. Click one of the buttons below that suits you best to place an order

 Explore our menu

Our Bowls

Featuring COCONUT based bowls: We built our bowls in reverse - starting with specific macronutrient (protein, carbs, & fat) targets, then formulated our recipes to reach those targets.. No matter what your goals are, there's a bowl at COTP to help you achieve them. 




Healthy snacking kept simple. Dehydrated fruits paired with tasty nuts and seeds, and some superfoods sprinkled in. We call it powersnacking - but you can call it whatever you want.


coffee/tea & craft sodas

We serve drip coffee and nitro cold brew (brewed in house) featuring the very best beans from our local friends at Black & White Coffee, sparkling probiotic-infused teas created from our juice pulp, and simple "bubbly juices" where our alkaline water is kegged, charged with CO2 (bubbles), and infused with rotating cold-pressed juices produced in-house such as pineapple, cucumber, and green apple. Yum.


Welcome To cold off the press

an organic plant-driven kitchen

bowls • smoothies • powersnacks • juices • coffee • specialty beverages


our mission

 our mission is to provide you with quick and easy nutrition that is truly geared towards improving your health.


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